Stop edited and sharing my hair! this is the second time you did this! why? why you have to destroy other people work?


I’m so sorry, I have already deleted the files, I really sorry!
I greatly admire your work and the last thing I wanted was to offend, I’m sorry.
I did it because I wanted to have many varieties of men hair, not with the intention of destroying his work.

Yeah….this is a real lapizrazuli…. dont know what to say.I think that shokoninio’s edit do not “destroy” the original lapizrazuli’s hair. But it makes us to remember about the creator who is mostly forgotten because it’s been really long since lapizrazuli created anything. lapizrazuli cannot be so angry to the others. What was wrong in edit this hair? It became the new lovely creation. If you, lapizrazuli,  do not like it then create something and do not use time to make scandals with those who still remember you and make other to remember too.What is your problem zazuli?

David, I think you do not need to apologize to this man, he needs to ask for forgiveness from you.